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Many adoptive and potential adoptive parents find my blog as they’re looking for information about adopting from either Ethiopia or Egypt. See below for information on adopting from Egypt.

Both of my kids were adopted from Ethiopia, and I am passionate about issues of ethics in international adoption. However, readers should be warned that I’m not necessarily a huge advocate of international adoption. Because of my experiences with our adoption agency, considered reputable, and through conversations with other adoptive parents, I’ve grown increasingly disconcerted about coercion and fraud in international adoption, including in Ethiopia. Not surprisingly, some adoptive parents are not interested in hearing this point of view.

Here are a few of the posts I’ve written on this subject, in chronological order.

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I have little information to offer about adopting from Egypt. Generally speaking, Muslim countries don’t allow international adoption, and even domestic adoption can be tricky; Egypt is no exception. An acquaintance from the US Embassy here in Cairo told me that it’s so difficult to adopt from Egypt as to be impossible for non-Egyptians. I don’t know anyone who has adopted from here, and I haven’t even heard of someone who has done it. There are many orphanages, and many orphans, but not a system for these kids to find permanent families, from what I’ve seen. Your best source of information might be the US Department of State’s information page on intercountry adoption from Egypt.



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  2. p.s. Sorry, nevermind. I see now that you admittedly didn’t have much information on the subject of Egypt. It looks like I have everything you do.

    I do have a question though. In my research, I’ve looked at many things which insist that even after the “giving” government approves you, the US INS may refuse the child a visa… Do you know how common this is, or do you think (as many other I’ve spoken to) that this is just a formal way for the Government to protect itself? One can never have too many opinions.


    Comment by Mallory | 3 December 2008

  3. Mallory, you asked this question ages ago–sorry it’s taken me so long to answer.

    The best thing for Americans to do is to run this whole process through the US government in advance. The worst thing to do is to adopt a child overseas and expect the US to give that child citizenship automatically. This is not like giving birth to a child overseas.

    The process is more complicated, but a lot easier than adopting first and dealing with CIS (Citizenship and Immigration services, the new name for the INS) second.

    I have heard of adoptions where CIS gave something like an “intent to deny.” CIS gives you a generic pre-approval, but if they are concerned about fraud in the adoption, they might not necessarily give you formal approval for a specific child.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 27 December 2008

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