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Now back in the US!

Suspended animation

It’s been several weeks, and it’s still dreamy here in Dream Town. And life is mostly normal. I’m working (the job is great), the boys are in school, we bought a car (a Honda Fit, which I love), and we have all our stuff from Cairo and College Town.

Giggle and Bug love the sidewalks, parks, backyard — all great, seemingly normal stuff we didn’t have in Egypt. We’ve been able to spend our weekends visiting local parks and natural areas. The green here is so refreshing after all that beige. And it’s been an absolute treat to have fall colors.

Mr. Four is not working for now, which has been a huge help in getting us settled. He brings the boys to school and picks them up in the afternoons, and he makes dinner most nights.

The conventional wisdom in the expat world is that repatriating is harder than expatriating. Moving overseas was pretty easy for us–well, at least as easy as that big of a schlep can be–in part because my employer does a really good job getting new folks settled into comfortable apartments. The hard part for us was figuring out how to get the kids outside playing.

But that’s been so easy here in Dream Town. And most everything about moving back has felt pretty easy. Maybe because it’s only been a few years since we moved. It feels, in a way, like we were in suspended animation in Cairo, with a different routine, no car, and a full-time housekeeper/nanny. Here we’re back to eating the same meals we used to make, and spending our weekends outside mucking about at the park or in the woods. And it feels great.

We really miss our friends, and it’s small consolation that many of them will be moving on from Cairo in the next year or two. But otherwise, I don’t miss Egypt.

Moving to Egypt was one of the best things I’ve ever done–and moving back has been even better.


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  1. I’m glad the repatriation has gone well for you. :))

    Comment by Typ0 | 18 November 2009

  2. yay–glad for the update and the successful re-entry!

    Comment by paige | 18 November 2009

  3. welcome home, honey!

    Comment by Robyn | 18 November 2009

  4. Welcome home! Green and fall color and mucking about in the woods with the kids and having a yard. All sound delightful from the land of beige… Where people are, however, very nice.

    Comment by J | 18 November 2009

  5. Good to hear everything is going so well!

    Comment by Libby | 18 November 2009

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