We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Well, hello there 3am

Usually jet lag is easier going west, but we’re awake in the wee hours as it’s mid-morning in Cairo. But we had a great day Thursday.

We signed a lease for a rental house. It’s a bit snug, but nicely laid out with an open kitchen-living room (with a fireplace!)-dining area, one bedroom, and one bathroom downstairs, and two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. The closets are generously sized. The small, fenced yard has plenty of room for Mr. Puppy to romp and fetch. It has a one-car garage that will be perfect for storing bikes, skateboards, and Mr. Four’s tools.

The best part is the neighborhood, with mostly older, renovated houses and, based on stuff in the neighboring yards, at least a few other kids. The sidewalks are well-maintained and street traffic is light. I’m looking forward to walking the dog and checking out the nice yards and houses on the streets nearby.

Plus we’re just two blocks away from a funky commercial district with great restaurants and shops. We’ll be able to walk to Giggle’s school as well as public transportation.

After we signed the lease and had a delicious lunch (burritos with spinach! fresh-squeezed apple juice! fresh guacamole!) at a neighborhood restaurant, we went to a nearby park with a playground and a dog park. The boys ran around outside, on the grass, with the pup for the first time since we left the US in July.

In the late afternoon, we got together with some old friends from our raft guide days. Mr. Four and I haven’t seen these folks in years. The boys had a great time with their five year old daughter, who is just as crazy as my two, and we had a great time drinking local beer, eating Indian food, and catching up. It’s quite a treat to move to a new city with old friends.

Now we’re biding time til we can start our Friday. Our friends loaded us up with sheets and air mattresses, so we’ll set up temporary quarters in our new house; our furniture should be somewhere close to Dream Town by now and we expect it to be delivered in the next week or so.

We have to do all that new house stuff, like setting up internet, switching the electricity our name, forwarding mail, etc. And we’ll start the car search (as soon as we decide what kind of car to get).

I’ll also take Giggle to his new school and get him registered.

So far, so good. I’m so happy to be back.


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