We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Repatriation, part I

We made it to Dream Town. The trip was relatively incident-free, but we were all pretty miserable by the end. We’re now crashed out in a comfy airport hotel, watching TV at 3am because we’re still on Cairo time (and by “we,” I mean my children; Mr. Four and I easily could have slept through the night).

Since I moved to Egypt, I have always loved coming back to the US. (Even London felt homey and familiar.) Here I savor all the little familiarities: familiar magazines in the rack, familiar brands on the store shelves, signs in English, plugs without adaptors, etc. I wonder how long the familiarity will be refreshing. When will it become simply normal?

My notion of home also has expanded. It’s no longer a house or a town or a state, but rather the entire US feels like home–even in this city we’ve hardly visited.

In a few hours we’re meeting a landlord at a potential rental. It’s a newish duplex/townhouse with a small yard in a racially integrated, gentrifying neighborhood. I hope we like it because the location is excellent, and the local school seems good too. Mr. Four and I would like to own our own home again, but we’ll be renting while we settle into Dream Town.

Once we find a place to rent, our next big task will be finding a new (to us) car. We sold our truck and car before we moved to Egypt, so we’ll rent a car for the next few days. As I scour CraigsList, I’m having the same problem as when I last bought a car: I want a family wagon in an SUV world.

A Honda or Toyota wagon would be perfect. But they have small SUVs instead, and I don’t want that. I had a Subaru and didn’t love it, and hate wasting gas mileage on all wheel drive. Minivans are too expensive. So what’s the best combination of reasonable gas mileage and some storage/cargo space?

This and other exciting adventures await.


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  1. They say repatriation is almost as hard as expatriation. Going back to live in the Real World sounds as scary as it does lovely. (I’m ina weird mood can you tell.) :p

    Comment by Typ0 | 8 October 2009

  2. It is going to be “interesting” 🙂

    volvo has a wagon
    so does VW
    Mazda5 is a hatchback kinda thing
    Some of the domestics have wagons, i think, but I think they will throw you out of DreamTown if you buy an american car.

    We also had to buy a new (to us) car when we arrived, though we don’t need the family wagon, so some of these choices are
    still fresh in my mind.

    Comment by Jack | 8 October 2009

  3. Wood side paneled 70s wagon. 🙂 uh huh. love the old things.

    Try a Taurus wagon. I loved the one I use to drive!

    Comment by Shannon | 8 October 2009

  4. Love my Honda CRV 🙂 Welcome back!

    Comment by Meghan | 8 October 2009

  5. What?!! In your previous posts referencing DreamTown, I thought you were talking about where *I* live.

    We don’t have an airport hotel here!!! Merely a farmhouse next to the end of the grass landing strip.

    I feel so misled. 😉

    Comment by sackrosanct | 8 October 2009

  6. Look at a Subaru Forester or a Toyota Matrix.

    Comment by Phoebe | 9 October 2009

  7. Our neighbors liked their Ford Edge (I think it was an Edge – no that all Ford’s have an “e” name, I get so confused).

    Comment by Juju | 9 October 2009

  8. i once had a daewoo (the woo hoo) nubira wagon. It was pretty. It was also exhilirating as i felt like my life was on the line each and every time I went on the road.

    Comment by Stacy | 10 October 2009

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