We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Leaving Cairo


The bags are packed (mostly), the house is empty (mostly), the boys are sleeping (soundly), and Mr. Four and I have a quiet few hours before we leave the house for our midnight flight back to the US.

We’ve had a busy few days, filled with lots of goodbyes. We met some wonderful people here in Cairo, and it’s hard to leave these friends.

Bug and I went with some of these friends on an amazing trip to the White Desert a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so glad I got a chance to see what must be Egypt’s most beautiful place. We drove southwest of Cairo and camped under the stars (a rare sight in Cairo proper).

This desert used to be the bottom of a huge sea, and the limestone rock is quite striking. These rocks are called The Mushroom and The Chicken.
mushroom and chicken

Bug was convinced the rocks were made of hardened snow (like lava).

snow drifts

It’s sad to leave. But we’re also very excited for the adventures ahead.


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