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Dream Town, here we come

Folks, we’re leaving Cairo. As in, forever. And we’re leaving next week. It’s been brewing for a while, and you, my poor readers, are the last to know. (Sorry about that.)

We’re not going back to our beloved College Town. We’re heading many states away, to Dream Town. It’s such a dream town that I can’t quite believe we’re actually moving there.

I have a new job, which I’ll start in late October. We’ve tentatively lined up a place to live (we’ll be renting for a while), and our stuff that’s been in storage for the past two years should soon be making its way to our new home. I hope to get Giggle enrolled in school late next week, and we still need to find a pre-K for Bug. Mr. Four, as when we arrived in Cairo, will be staying at home for a while, to help us settle in.

We are very sad to leave our friends, the boys’ schools, and our wonderful nanny. But we are excited to go home to the US, to have sidewalks and clean air and woods and rivers. We are hoping this is a very long-term move, like through Bug’s high school graduation.

So that’s the latest! More to come as we pack.


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  1. Welcome back

    Comment by Jonathan | 1 October 2009

  2. Ms. F, I hope you keep blogging, perhaps under a different address. We hope to live in Dream Town in the distant future. Someday… I would love to hear your take on life there.

    Mine wants to say to your 2 “Bye, Have fun in your new home. I will miss you.”

    Comment by J | 1 October 2009

  3. turn my back for 3 seconds and you prepare to move half a world away!
    Wow–big changes Mrs.Four. I can’t wait to hear how all of this shakes out, and I hope that you’ll be happy after the adjustment.

    Comment by paige | 1 October 2009

  4. Wow. The exodus continues..

    I hope dream town turns out to be great. We are back in Seattle and wondering is Seattle can be our Dream Town again, or if the search will continue…

    Comment by Jack | 1 October 2009

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