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Helmet safety

Life is back to normal for the Four Family. The boys have been in school for about two weeks, and Mr. Four and I have both been back to work for a few weeks longer than that.

Giggle is now in first grade, which turns out to be very serious compared to kindergarten. There’s more homework and more responsibility. He was a bit overwhelmed at first, but now is settling in nicely. Today, after he finished his homework, he announced, “This homework was fun!” And then he added, “I hate homework.”

We Fours feel very strongly about helmet safety.

We Fours feel very strongly about helmet safety.

Bug is glad to be back with his best buddy, B, at school. B’s new nanny is friends with our nanny/housekeeper, so Bug has been spending a lot more time with his best buddy after school, which is great, because they have more fun and behave better when they’re together.

We bought skateboards for both boys recently. An expat acquaintance here commented he’d be too scared to let his kids get on skateboards. I speculated to Mr. Four that perhaps because in our world it’s normal to put your three year old in kayak, it’s not so strange to put your four year old on a skateboard–with helmet securely fastened, of course.

How about you? What outside toys do your kids have?


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  1. Great to see a new post! N. currently has a blow-up wading pool, a bucket, and a shovel. We also turn his push-walker into an outside toy, and when he really gets going behind that, I start to think he might need a helmet. Of course, he’s at the stage when he could use a helmet all the time! He took his first solo steps this week, and there’s lots of falling on his bottom, with about half of the falls leading to a full backwards wipe-out.

    Comment by Libby | 31 August 2009

  2. No kids, so no toys to mention, but this reminds me of a conversation with my niece (now in college) just after she started first grade. I asked her how it was different from kindergarten. “Well,” she said, “we don’t play.”

    Comment by Monica | 31 August 2009

  3. Libby, sounds like N is doing great!

    Monica, that story is sweet… but sad. I loved my first grade teacher. She had an accordion.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 31 August 2009

  4. wearing a helmet is very clever. I never ride a bicycle without it.

    Cool that you´re living in egypt too! I do from time to time. Luxor. Live now in sweden with my egyptian husband but planning to move south in a few years, ishaAllah.
    Why did you move to egypt?

    Have a great day!

    Comment by mikaela | 1 September 2009

  5. At 3, the trips love their swings, Radio Flyer red wagons, and T loves sticks (now we understand just what Bam-Bam, the boy from The Flintstones, was all about). They would probably love trikes, only without pavement nearby . . . rocks, mud, and grass have largely prohibited the taking up of this skill. Skateboards and scooters sounds so fun!

    Comment by Cinds | 14 September 2009

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