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Now back in the US!

Not our home, but our country

On the flight from New York to Cairo, Giggle, age 6, explained things this way to Bug, age 4: “Egypt is not our home, but it’s our country.”

I would probably have described it in the opposite way (Egypt isn’t our country, but it’s our home), but I was interested to hear how Giggle was sorting out this notion of having multiple homes and countries. After this summer, my boys have come to think of “home” as our family house in the mountains in the US, a house Mr. Four spent many years building, and in which he and I lived full-time for several years after. When we moved from that house to College Town, Mr. Four and I rented it out. It’s not set up as a vacation rental, which isn’t particularly lucrative (sadly), but means we can use it whenever we want, for as long as we want, and it’s already furnished. The boys hadn’t spent much time there until last summer. I think it was good for them to have the continuity of going back this summer. Giggle had such glee in his voice when he’d say, “Hey, I remember this place!” Until we’re back in the US permanently, I’m glad to give them some consistency in their understanding of home. And it’s a nice home–though the outside is my favorite part.

the view from our deck

Giggle and Bug were pretty stunned to learn that Mr. Four built the house. More shocked, even, than when we arrived in the US and I get behind the wheel of a car (“You can drive, Mommy?”). A couple of times, in the middle of watching TV or hanging out, Bug called out, “Daddy, Daddy! Thank you building this house!”

This may well have been the best part of the summer for Mr. Four.

And what a great summer it was. We were away about six weeks, and we spent the first three visiting family and friends and driving around a lot. The boys (and Mister Puppy) did great with this, much to my surprise and delight.

In the mountains, we went tubing and rafting and fishing and in general spent a lot of time outside.

playing in the trees

Giggle also got a new casterboard called a RipStik. Think of a skateboard, but complicated. So we went a lot to the local skate park, where Bug rode his bike and Giggle cruised around on his RipStik.

skate park

In this photo, you can see all the fellas of the Four Family: that’s Giggle on the RipStik, then Mr. Puppy, then Mr. Four, and way ahead on the trail, Bug on his bike.
walking & riding the trail

So while it’s nice to be home, we do miss our country.


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  1. awesome :]

    Comment by emily rosselle | 30 July 2009

  2. Egypt was ‘home’ to our kids. We’re staying in the DC area temporarily, but flew to another state to visit family last week. At the end of the visit, I made the mistake of saying that we were going ‘home’ to DC. I was corrected by our 6yo. That is not ‘home’, we do not have a ‘home’ and will not have one until we get to our new post!

    Looks like you are having a lovely vacation!

    Comment by Connie | 3 August 2009

  3. Hello Ms. Four,

    I had checked out your blog a few times as I was preparing for my own move to Cairo. Oh, how the modern age really helps one to mentally prepare for such things!

    Anyhow, I think you and I may have actually been on the same plane from NY – Cairo. I was the American mom chasing around a 15 month old girl up and down the isles of the Egypt Air plane for several hours. She herself was getting mauled by a super-lovey 4 year old who just couldn’t stop sqeezing her. To be fair, my husband did his share of chasing as well. 🙂 And I think it may have been you that told me she did great as we were all happily escaping the airport. 🙂

    So we’ve just arrived. Been here a week now. If you have any advice for meeting other expats – other expat moms in particular – I’d love to hear it!


    Comment by Jenn | 3 August 2009

  4. Jenn, that was me! And your daughter did do very well–I felt bad for you guys that the other girl was chasing her around! I’ll email you with some suggestions.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 3 August 2009

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