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Photo by Flickr user jmtimages

Photo by Flickr user jmtimages

President Obama will be speaking in Cairo on Thursday, and the whole city is aflutter. In the past few weeks, the city has seen major painting and cleaning projects, especially in the area around Cairo University, where Obama is scheduled to speak around 12:30 local time. T-shirt hawkers downtown are offering an array of options, including one which says “Obama is the new King Tutankhamun.” Much of the city will be shut down–roads will be closed, and some businesses won’t open. And plenty of people won’t go to work regardless of whether anything is officially closed.

When I first learned Obama was coming to Egypt, I was thrilled as I hoped this would be my chance to see him speak in person. But it’s not to be. Obama isn’t coming to Cairo to chat with expats but instead to address the so-called Muslim world (which is far more diverse than that phrase suggests).

Some Egyptians are frustrated at the inconveniences around town, but an awful lot are quite proud Obama chose Egypt.

I’ll be working tomorrow–that is, if I don’t get stuck in any major traffic snarls on the way to work–and Mr. Four will be working as well. But, I am quite eager to hear what my president has to say, and am delighted my employer is setting up some TVs at work so we can watch the speech live.

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  1. I was shocked to see how empty the city appeared this morning. There’s was no one on teh roads as we made our way to work.

    Comment by Typ0 | 4 June 2009

  2. My child got to shake his hand this afternoon, and have a wee conversation.

    Thrilled Mommy

    Comment by J | 4 June 2009

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