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Sipping tea in Ethiopia

I drink a lot of tea, usually black tea with milk, and Bug and Giggle always want sips. They often request and make their own versions, anything from warm water with honey to milk and sugar and probably a dozen other concoctions they have neglected to share with us.

When Bug and I were in Ethiopia in December, we’d eat breakfast each day at the hotel, usually sharing a meal. Each morning I’d order tea, which came with lots of sugar and rarely milk. Even with milk, it still needed some sugar. Not surprisingly, Bug really liked it. So he wanted his own. I eventually obliged. He enjoyed the ritual of adding the sugar and stirring the tea as much as actually drinking it: he’d usually stop after a few sips and I’d finish his tea and mine.

At lunch I’d often order a coke, and soon Bug decided he wanted a soda as well. I’m not a big fan of giving my kids soda, but it was a special trip, we were pretty active, and I didn’t want to keep fighting him… so I gave in. As parents, Mr. Four is usually a bit stricter than I am, but I tend to be more concerned about their nutrition, so I was a bit chagrined to think I’d get home with a kid demanding tea for breakfast and Fanta for lunch.

But you know what? It didn’t happen. At all. Bug hasn’t even asked. I suspect he returned to his regularly routines so quickly he forgot about the good life of tea and soda.

I haven’t blogged much about Ethiopia, but I will do more eventually. In the meantime, some photos.

A farmer at the market in Bahir Dar gathers his teff, the grain in injera.

Beans and grains for sale at the market in Bahir Dar.


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  1. Such amazing country, thank you for sharing a slice of your time there.

    Comment by Yoli | 24 March 2009

  2. I love this story! This reminds me of asking our parents for sips of their sweet tea at dinner time growing up–usually, they’d oblige if we’d already finished our milk. But we only got to have our own glasses of sweet tea on very special occasions!

    Comment by Libby | 25 March 2009

  3. injerra is quite a tasty food if well made alongside with their spiced chilli meat! i ahve forgoten the name, i love ethiopian food and it is readily available here in Kenya, you should visit sometime! nice blog

    Comment by Nairobian Perspective | 26 March 2009

  4. Nairobian… are you think of doro wot, spicy chicken stew?

    Yoli, you are welcome. 🙂

    Libby, even just this morning Bug was trying to sneak sips of my tea, while telling me exactly what he was doing.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 27 March 2009

  5. I love how “sneakiness” is a learned skill–N. thinks he’s sneaky when he covers himself with a towel at this point in his life.

    Comment by Libby | 14 April 2009

  6. Your voice is missed.

    Come back soon, please.

    Comment by paige | 29 April 2009

  7. Aw, Paige, you’re sweet. And inspiring.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 1 May 2009

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