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Despite grand plans to take the trip of a lifetime through East Africa this summer, it looks like we’ll be heading to the US for the summer–and then back to Cairo this fall.

I could say it was because I read in the book Third Culture Kids that it’s important for kids who live overseas to have a home base to return to each summer. But it’s also in part because I have been feeling homesick. Also, the boys are growing out of their clothes. And, Tanzania and Kenya are looking to be more expensive than putzing around in the US.

Most importantly, the boys have been asking to go to the US. Giggle talks about visiting “America” and Bug really wants to go to the mountains. Sometimes he’s so distraught that we’re not leaving right away that we have to talk about what we’ll pack for our trip and what we’ll do once we get there (pick blackberries, play with the neighbor’s dog, go tubing).

The slightly troublesome logistics include Mr. Four’s vacation time, which is less than mine, which means we either spend more time in Cairo as a family, or I figure out something to do with the boys for about a week or two. I’ve been daydreaming about a European layover, which would be really expensive, which is why it’ll probably remain a daydream. But Mr. Four and I want the boys out of the city if we can afford it, since the air here is just so awful. Their little lungs need the break. And I really want to maximize my time away from Cairo, which helps me appreciate it all the more once I get back.

This is definitely a first-world problem however.

Last year at this time I was having another problem of the privileged: I was pretty unhappy in Cairo. I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s changed, except I’m pretty sure it’s me and not this place, but this spring I’m doing okay.

And, now, I need to get back to my daydreams. Prague, anyone?


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  1. It’s pretty cheap to stay somewhere like a youth hostel (they have family rooms) in Northern Europe. Or could you go up the Nile (no idea if it’s safe at the moment, but it seemed quite clean when I was there, ooh, 15 years ago)? Aswan was very relaxing I seem to remember.

    Comment by Katie | 24 March 2009

  2. .. If you’d like to stay with us in the east of France in June or July, you’d be welcome. We have a spare room with a double bed and then another fold-down double bed in the living room. The baby’s due at the end of July/start of August… but that also means I’m on maternity leave for the whole month of July. We live next to the airport (15 mins drive) and a trainstation (5 mins walk) and 20 mins drive/train ride from the city of Strasbourg. We’re also on the edge of the Vosges hills.. and the air is clean!
    It’s just an idea for you.. as staying with us would keep the prices down for you!
    hugs n all,

    Comment by Robyn | 24 March 2009

  3. I’m sure my parents and brother would love to see you and the boys for a bit if you cared to come down texas way. although i can’t even pretend to compete with france. when will you be leaving the states, because if you came after august 10 i will be in SA too.

    and i’m totally up for prague!!! 🙂

    Comment by kristen | 24 March 2009

  4. Mountains = Rocky Mountains? 😀 Please?

    Comment by Karen | 26 March 2009

  5. Katie, thanks for the hostel suggestion. It’s a good one.

    Robyn, that is a lovely invitation! I don’t know if we could make it to France, but it’s been on my mind–thanks.

    Kristen and Karen, we definitely won’t be going west!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 27 March 2009

  6. It is good to get our to the clean air every now and again. We’re leaving this year. The kids are excited about spending some time in the US before we head out again, but my littlest is a bit confused. This is home for her and we’re leaving it!

    Comment by Connie | 5 April 2009

  7. Connie, best of luck with your move and transition. I hope you find a happy home wherever you go!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 8 April 2009

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