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The Parenting Hall of Shame

Sometimes I can’t believe a licensed social worker actually approved Mr. Four and me to be parents. Not only one, but twice!

I nearly did a backflip yesterday when Giggle came home from school missing one of his top two teeth. This is his fourth, including one that fell out just a few weeks ago.


He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come as he’s been saving to buy Hot Wheels cars. The tooth fairy would contribute a good chunk of the cost of a new one.

But last night tooth fairy one and two went to bed without remembering they had teeth waiting for them. Giggle was awfully disappointed this morning.

But it turns out the tooth fairy comes during the school day as well. Phew.

12 March 2009 - Posted by | parenting


  1. That’s so funny!

    Comment by Katie | 12 March 2009

  2. Been there! The tooth fairy also had borrowed money from one kid to give to another! The tooth fairy was broke that day. Ahh… LOL!

    Comment by Cindy | 13 March 2009

  3. Ah yes. One time, Lyra just didn’t look carefully enough under her pillow. When I checked, sure enough there was her money.

    Comment by Juju | 15 March 2009

  4. My son had a tooth out at school and almost lost it… I reassured him that it had been lost, I’m sure the tooth fairy would have accepted a note explaining where to find the tooth.

    Comment by Connie | 17 March 2009

  5. LOL! The tooth fairy is quite the slacker. One time at our house the tooth fairy was so overcome from the cuteness of the kid that she dropped the money in the hallway!

    Comment by Allison Sim | 5 May 2009

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