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Race and the vet

Mister Puppy needs to go to the vet, for his second round of shots (the woman who owns his mom took him for his first round). We used a good local vet for Iggy the cat (deceased), our other cat (missing/presumed dead), and Puppy Four (deceased), but I’m not sure I want to go back to him. Is it because all my animals are dead? No!

The more I spent with this guy (and it was quite a bit towards the end with Puppy Four), the more stories I heard. Including the one about the attractive white woman in England who married a dark-skinned African man. The vet couldn’t possibly understand what any fair-skinned woman would see in a black man.

My impression is that this is a fairly typical, or at least not uncommon, view amongst educated Egyptians. And the kind of thing I tend not to hear from people who have actually met my kids.

I didn’t correct this guy, or tell him I disagreed. Lame, I know, but I was also in the throes of Puppy Four’s dying days.

Now, however, I’m disinclined to go back. This guy may be a good vet–he came to our house to euthanize the pup–but I prefer to bring my business elsewhere, to someone who, at least for a while, isn’t an espoused racist.

So Mister Puppy and I are going to visit a new vet tonight. One who is reputed to be good but perhaps pricier. I’m crossing my fingers.


8 March 2009 - Posted by | our life in egypt, pets, race


  1. The extra money is worth the peace of mind. I hope you and Mr.Puppy both like the new guy.

    Comment by paige | 8 March 2009

  2. Good luck!!

    Comment by cindy | 8 March 2009

  3. What’s amazing in Egypt is not just the racial fixations, but the willingness to voice them openly.

    Comment by Mike Kagan | 9 March 2009

  4. Mike, you’re right. So many Egyptians told me that Obama would never win because the US was too racist. It feels like some people in Egypt use American racism to justify their own.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 10 March 2009

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