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Mister Puppy

Meet our new love.

mister puppy

Mister Puppy (name by Bug) is a terrier mix, a healthy, happy, socialized, playful little puppy.

And we are totally smitten.


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The news from Egypt

I’ve been quiet, but not for lack of happenings around Cairo.

Last night saw a tragic bomb blast at the Khan il Khalili, a market in downtown Cairo. Real news about the incident has been slow to come, but the BBC is now reporting that one person has been detained.

I first heard the news on Twitter. I told Mr. Four, who got on the phone, and then I immediately sent an email to our families. My goal was to get the news that we were okay to my mother-in-law before she had any reason to suspect we weren’t.

I then spent a few hours maniacally refreshing news websites and Twitter. I also took a walk around the neighborhood. The police were more active than usual, but otherwise nothing seemed much different.

Today, Mr. Four and I both had normal days at work, though he reported that a meeting was cancelled because one of the attendees, an American, wouldn’t leave her house.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of the young Frenchwoman who died in the blast. I can’t even imagine.

Now, some context: tourists and tourist areas have been targeted over the past several years in different parts of Egypt. This attack could be part of that pattern. There’s another theory floating around that this was done by people angry at Egypt for its perceived support of Israel’s attack on Gaza in December and January. A lot of people throughout the Middle East and within Egypt are angry that Egypt didn’t open its border with Gaza. This is a very complicated situation–if you’re interested, let me know, and I’ll dig up some links for you.

As for the bombing–I’ll share any news as I hear it.

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We are fine.

I know it’s been quiet around here, but given news reports about some bombs going off in Cairo, I wanted to reassure folks that we are just fine. More soon, I promise.

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