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The Omo People of Ethiopia

I stumbled across an absolutely amazing series of photographs of the Omo of Ethiopia, by Hans Silvester. Here is some gorgeous body art. Take a look.

Tribus de L’OMO / Hans Silvester

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22 January 2009 - Posted by | ethiopia


  1. Those are STUNNING!

    Comment by Yoli | 22 January 2009

  2. So very beautiful, thanks for sharing your find!

    Comment by paige | 23 January 2009

  3. Wow! Those pictures are pretty. Thanks to that body art, I now hate my tattoos! They look so bland in comparison.

    I’ve been reading past posts on your blog and I’m rivetted by a lot of your observations. In the words of the governator, I’ll be back!

    Comment by tumwijuke | 28 January 2009

  4. Here is another blog filled with gorgeous pictures of a photographer in Africa:


    Comment by Yoli | 31 January 2009

  5. they are incredible. among the most beautiful things i have ever seen. i have passed them on as something so special and rare to just appear before like magic.

    Comment by bobbie coffman | 5 March 2009

  6. Hey Guys,
    Ah, living in Cairo. So sweet. Have a look at some of my images on the Omo. Give me your feedback. Check them out at;


    Comment by Chester Higgins | 24 May 2009

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