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The 22-pound turkey

Last week, our friends went to Carrefour and picked up a couple of turkeys, the smallest they could find, some 22-pound giants. Our turkey was delicious on Christmas. And for many days afterwards (this is what I get for missing leftovers at Thanksgiving).

We had a couple of meals that were mini versions of Christmas, plus a couple of turkey sandwiches. On Friday, I made a double recipe of creamed turkey, from the Joy of Cooking. We ate it over rice, which was delicious: the boys loved it as much as we did. I froze most of it.

On Saturday, I made turkey and creamed spinach enchiladas. They were great, though the leftovers a few days later tasted really heavy.

On Sunday, our housekeeper made some of her usual slightly spicy tomato sauce, but with turkey. So we had that with some pasta, and froze a ton. Good thing we liked it so much.

Mr. Four finished off the the last of the bits today for lunch.

All together, we’ll have something like 15 meals out of that one turkey.


2 January 2009 - Posted by | food, holidays

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  1. WOW! 15 meals, that turkey went a long way…LOLOL

    Comment by Yoli | 2 January 2009

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