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A merry Christmas

christmas in cairo

Christmas started bright and early this morning, when Giggle awoke at 4:50am. Mr. Four convinced him to keep out of the living room until 6:45, when Giggle and a newly-awakened Bug joined forces to drag me out of bed. (Fortunately, Mr. Four and I had finished wrapping presents during the day, so we weren’t up too late.)

And thus began a perfect Christmas day. The boys loved their presents, from the simple (tape) to the not-so-simple (remote control super cars). Mr. Four was the happiest I’ve ever seen him with any gift when he unwrapped his black metal forged coat rack (it’s the lump behind the curtain in the above photo). We left his old wooden coat rack behind in the US when we moved to Cairo, and apparently he’s been missing it more than I knew.

And even though Santa forgot to fill my stocking (which really upset Bug), I was thrilled with new boots, a beautiful onyx and pearl necklace, and some framed prints we’ve had sitting around forever (unframed).

The boys played and played all day. Some of their best presents were the ones I got in London in October (on the most fun shopping day of my life). And the tape, of course.

We also had fun tracking Santa, and watching some video of his flight over the Pyramids, as well as his path across the western US, including his visit to their cousin’s house in southern California.

Bug and Giggle were inspired by some new caps and gloves to become “Charlie” and “Farley,” sneaky spies who creep undetected around the house. I attempted to get some photos of these mysterious fellows.

the spy flees
Farley (aka Giggle) flees the scene

the spy hides
Charlie (aka Bug) eludes capture

I didn’t have the heart to tell them they looked more like burglars.

Dinner included a small portion of our 22-pound turkey, the smallest available at Carrefour, along with mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, creamed spinach (a tradition from Mr. Four’s family), and gravy. All followed by Mr. Four’s famous apple pie for dessert. And with the delightful company of a few friends.

While Mr. Four put the boys to bed, I decided I didn’t have the motivation to make soup, so I gathered up some excess turkey skin, meat, and bones and played Santa to some neighborhood dogs and cats. I couldn’t bear to throw away that good meat. The animals were very happy.

Now we’re enjoying a relaxing evening. And thus ends a wonderful Christmas.


25 December 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt


  1. Merry merry! I need to know about the tent, please. I didn’t know about the video over the pyramids–where did you find it? Glad you had such a nice, quiet holiday. We did as well.

    Ho ho.


    Comment by J | 26 December 2008

  2. J, the tent is from the Khan il Khalili. The tentmakers, who make the gigantic tents, also have some smaller ones for sale.

    Also, you can find Santa videos by googling “norad” for the Santa Tracker, or by going here: http://www.noradsanta.org/

    Comment by Ms. Four | 27 December 2008

  3. Are you sure you didn’t have the apple pie for dessert? 😉 Sounds like you had a perfect Christmas morning indeed. Happy Holidays!!!

    Comment by Jennifer | 27 December 2008

  4. Heh, good catch, Jenni. No wonder you are so good at your job. 🙂

    Comment by Ms. Four | 27 December 2008

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