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We’ve met a lot of refugees here in Egypt who are desperately hoping for a better life. These aren’t people from Egypt, but from East Africa, who have gotten stuck here as they work their way through the very complicated UN refugee system. Egypt is not a great place for these folks.

Our very good friend Mike has posted an idea to change.org as part of a larger campaign to find the best ideas for the new Obama administration. Mike, who is an expert on international refugee law, has a great proposal to help refugees get to the United States, including through individual sponsorship by Americans (which is already done in Canada and Australia). Mike wrote the following:

Our proposal to revitalize US refugee policy started several weeks later than others in the Ideas for Change program, but it has been moving up. We’re in third place now in the “humanitarian relief” category, and we are just 70 votes out of first place. But in just 10 days, we need to make the cut for the final round of voting.

Many of you have already voted, but some are still waiting. Now is the time. There is an opening to make a change for US foreign policy and for refugees around the world, but it won’t last for long.

Just follow these steps:
1) Join Change.org at https://www.change.org/admin/sign_up
2) Vote by going to: http://www.change.org/ideas/view/usa_refugee_corps_-_export_hope_and_revitalize_our_national_moral_standing You should see your vote register and the number of votes go up! If you don’t see that happen, try voting again.

If you have already voted, then please – please – find some colleagues or friends, and tell them about this idea. Ask them to vote. 70 votes is not very many. We can win this election, and give ourselves a major boost in the lobbying we will need to do in Washington.

And, finally, make this proposal your own. Add your input on the change.org website. There has already been a good discussion, and a lot of good ideas, and as this proposal is developed over time we will be incorporating them. And the more people discuss and debate it, the stronger this campaign.

Thank you. Mike

Please take a minute from your busy holiday season to vote to support refugees. Thanks!


22 December 2008 - Posted by | africa, in the news

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  1. I just voted! I am an immigrant my self in the USA but in my homeland of Colombia we have millions of families that have to leave their homes because of the Guerilla, is such a such how kids are uprooted and don’t attend schools etc. The Refugee population just keeps on growing at an alarming rate!
    Merry Christmas!

    Comment by Anamaria Elashry | 23 December 2008

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