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Good birthday, bad camera

Giggle is officially six years old! We had a party with six friends, plus Bug and one other sibling. It was a perfect size. More would have sent me fleeing into the house to hide.

We had perfect weather, too, for our garden party obstacle course, which required the kids to do the following tasks:

  • Kick a soccer ball to knock over plastic bowling pins
  • Walk on a low balance beam while balancing a frisbee on their heads
  • Ride a bike down a ramp
  • Go down a couple of slides
  • Jump through a swing
  • Hit a small fabric basketball with a tennis racket
  • Run very fast

We needed the help of a couple of parents to make it work–one dad’s job was to stop the kids on bikes from crashing–but it was good fun and a perfect activity for our oddly-shaped garden.

Giggle also really enjoyed opening his presents.
opening presents

And we all loved the Spiderman birthday cake. (No I did not make it nor dream of the design; it was a gift of the internet.)
spiderman cake

The pictures, as you will have noticed, are not fantastic–nor have they been all fall. I’m not a great photographer, but Mr. Four concurred today that our camera is in pretty bad shape. So the upside of this is that we may finally get a new camera.

Mr. Four and the boys are now watching The Incredibles, a gift to Giggle from my dad and stepmom. And thus our busy weekend comes to an end.


29 November 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt


  1. Glad to hear the festivities were a success! And it sounds like you’re going to get a gift out of it too. LOL

    Comment by Typ0 | 29 November 2008

  2. You got a cake off the internet?!

    Comment by Jennifer | 29 November 2008

  3. TypO, yeah, now the trick is to figure out what camera to get and where I can get it in Cairo. I wonder if this is a time for duty free? And I wonder if I can make this happen before Bug and I leave on Tuesday.

    Jennifer, yes, a cake off the internet! No, not really. But we did get the design off of the internet. 🙂

    Comment by Ms. Four | 29 November 2008

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