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One week to Addis

Our ever-changing travel plans to Ethiopia have changed again!

Earlier this fall, we had decided to take this trip as a family of four, over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. But, Giggle changed his mind. He decided he wasn’t quite ready to go to Ethiopia. And that’s fine with Mr. Four and me: we want Giggle to go when he’s excited, not reluctant.

So, we’re back to the second version of the trip, only now it’s actually happening rather than just a hypothetical.

Meaning: Next week, Bug and I leave for about ten days in Ethiopia!

I have the time off for the Muslim Eid el Adha, the Feast of Abraham. Bug has off because he’s three years old. Our plans including visiting rock hewn churches in Lalibela, trekking through the countryside (a trip done by, I kid you not, my second favorite adoptive father, Brad Pitt), and visiting our housekeeper’s family in Addis.

I’ve been to Ethiopia three times now, for a total of only about two and a half weeks in-country, but this will be my first real trip as a tourist. And this will be Bug’s first trip back since our adoption.

I told him tonight we’d be leaving in a week for Ethiopia. He shouted “yeah!” and ran over and gave me a big hug and kiss. He’ll get to use his new Amharic skills for real.

I’m as thrilled as he is, excited for our trip and so excited to have so much time with my sweet Bug. And Giggle is happy as can be with the plan, and he’s looking forward to a week with Mr. Four.

What a sight we’ll be: the ferenge mom and her habesha son. I can’t wait.


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  1. I’m so excited for you! I wish i’d seen Lalibela in person. If you need some contacts in Addis before you go, please don’t hesitate to ask. Hubby knows several people who live there – one of whom married an ethiopian woman so if you saw them Bug could practice his Amharic. 🙂

    Oh and “Bug has off because he’s three years old.” ahaheehee LOVE IT! :p

    Comment by Typ0 | 26 November 2008

  2. TypO, yeah, I’m pretty excited about Lalibela, though, I will admit, sad that we can’t squeeze in Bahir Dar and Gondar. We could get to Bahir Dar if we really jammed it all… but it might be better to go at a slower pace.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 26 November 2008

  3. Mr. Four must also – at least a little bit – be looking forward to steak & beer every day for 10 days… 😉

    Comment by Jennifer | 26 November 2008

  4. Ha, Jennifer, you might be right. Except that the beer here isn’t very good.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 26 November 2008

  5. Have a wonderful time! Pictures, please, when you’re back.

    Comment by Monica | 26 November 2008

  6. Will do Monica! My camera has been acting up lately, but maybe I can futz with the settings before we go.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 26 November 2008

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