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My how you’ve grown (11/22)

In late October, I made note of the day when something very unexpected happen:

Giggle, completely unprompted, gave me a mini shoulder massage. He said, as he rubbed my shoulders, “You can play on your computer.” He ran off after about a minute, but that was a very nice moment, and one I suspect won’t be replayed for years, if ever.

Giggle has been having a good fall. August and early September were a bit crazy after a busy and occasionally rough summer, especially with our new apartment and his new school. But now that we’re settling in, I have a moment to reflect on how much he’s grown.

When he first came home from Ethiopia, Giggle liked to practice writing his numbers and letters in old-fashioned composition books. He lost this habit for a while, but now, with kindergarten as his inspiration, he spends time every day creating long lists of words he’s copied from his favorite books. He’s reading, sorta, in that early reading pre-literate way. He recognizes many words and really likes to figure out sounds of words. It’s great watching him learn to read. And it’s great seeing how proud he is when he figures something out. Both my boys are big fans of books, and this makes me oh so happy.

Giggle is also growing physically. His pants from last winter are now comically short and have been put away for Bug to wear when he gets bigger himself. Giggle has gained a lot of strength, too, especially from playing on the monkey bars all the time. His school really focuses on getting kids outside and playing, and it’s obvious from Giggle’s additional coordination. He loves to run and race.

Giggle is also a really fun kid. This has always been true, but it’s so much more so now that the rest of his life is more settled. He’s funny, and he likes to joke around and make faces and get us to laugh. He’s an absolute joy, and I am so lucky to be his mom.


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  1. Giggle sounds like a great kid. He’s lucky to have someone as great as you for a mum too. 🙂

    Comment by Typ0 | 22 November 2008

  2. You really are! Me too.

    Comment by J | 22 November 2008

  3. You realize this is progressive too, right? Children are funny that way. You could have a post with the same title in ten years and 15 years again. It is a true blessing indeed to watch them grow!

    Comment by Jennifer | 23 November 2008

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