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Soccer and tennis (11/19)

The other day I was walking with my boys when we passed a work colleague. “Hey, Soccer Mom!” he yelled, and I quickly glanced around to see who on earth he could be talking to. Then I noticed Giggle, in his team uniform and shin guards, and Bug, carrying his soccer ball. He meant me. Minus the SUV, I suppose.

Now soccer season is coming to an end. Giggle has definitely enjoyed it more than he enjoyed t-ball, and has been tallying the goals he scores in games and during practice. At last count he was up to 60-something, and then he lost track.

We have been a bit frustrated by his yeller of an assistant coach. “Get up!” he hollers at kids who fall down during the game. Nice, eh? Giggle informed me that Coach wasn’t “that mean” at the last practice, so perhaps this is progress.

Despite the yelling, Bug sure wishes he could be playing soccer too. The Cairo youth league doesn’t let kids play until they’re five, so, unfortunately, if we stay here, he still has two years to wait.

Both Bug and Giggle are thrilled to be starting tennis lessons this week. They’ve both wanted to play tennis since we joined our expat-y club and they saw other kids taking lessons. With no organized team sports til t-ball in the spring, winter seems the perfect time for some tennis, in Cairo at least.

So they’re taking a few private lessons and we’ll see how it goes.

Usually kids are four or five before they start t-ball here… so we’re hoping to get Bug, who will then be a young four, onto a t-ball team.

And on a related note: Giggle just got his first kindergarten report card. His two best areas? Motor skills in PE and effort in art. So we have a creative, determined athlete.

And that’s our life in sports.


19 November 2008 - Posted by | bug, giggle, our life in egypt


  1. Sam just finished up his soccer season too and he already wants to know when it will start again — maybe spring season at the Y. He scored his first goal in the last “game” of the season. His real passion is playing goalie. Go figure! I can already tell E. is going to love soccer since she stands at the sidelines following Sam’s every move. She can walk and “dribble” the ball as she goes along — already at only 16 months of age!

    Comment by Gretchen | 19 November 2008

  2. Gretchen, how cute! E should be quite the athlete, eh? And how cool that Sam can play soccer already!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 19 November 2008

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