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You say it’s your birthday (11/17)

Giggle’s birthday is coming up. Like last year, we’ll be having his birthday party at home.

Unlike last year, we gave him a choice: a big party at our expat-y club with no presents or a small party with just six kids (one for each year) at home with presents (or at least no explicit “no present” policy).

It was an easy choice for him. I think the low key route will be more fun for him anyway.

Also unlike last year: we now have outside space at our building, so we’ll try to have as many of the festivities as possible outside, assuming it’s not raining. (Har har.)

Like last year, we’ll probably have musical pillows, which was a great success, and maybe another round of pin the mask on the superhero. It’s okay to repeat birthday games, right?

Unlike last year, Giggle now knows a lot of kids, from preschool, from kindergarten, from our club, and from around town. And because we’re having a small party, the six-kid-limit is causing me some angst. He’s fine with this, but I’m sad about the very nice kids he’s not inviting. Some of whose parents read this blog! But we let him make his own list of kids, and I want to stick with the six-kid-limit since that was part of the deal.

Now, to get out the invitations…


17 November 2008 - Posted by | fun, giggle


  1. My experience is that kids get over ‘not being invited… it is the parent’s that have more trouble with the concept. Miss 7 has never been all that fussed about the whole birthday party routine. Best to stick to your guns.. hand the invites to the parent’s, quietly and it will be fine.

    PS – A friend here in Maadi held a pirate party for her ‘turning 5’ year old – with a little treasure hunt.. the kids were divided into 2 teams.. it was lovely – but they had the most fun with a couple of rolls of toilet paper… first they wrapped each other.. then they danced in the debris and then we held open rubbish bags and they collected it all up for a small token prize.. Oh and big tip.. don’t make it too long and don’t over cater.. they just aren’t interested in food. I think 1.5hrs is usually enough 2 tops.

    Have fun.

    Comment by lynda | 17 November 2008

  2. We held a one hour theme party for our five year old, with five little guests. Worked beautifully–just long enough, and not too long. No gifts–no time anyway. Fairly orchestrated by me, except for what turned out to be the primary entertainment. That is, as the only decor we let 50 balloons float unanchored in the space, ribbons streaming down, and the tikes gathered up as many as they could and ran hither and thither with them, getting as tangled as they could. They loved it. We loved it. Added a magical quality without a lot of work. Great pictures. Let me know if you need contact info for the balloon lady. She delivers. Of course.

    Comment by J | 17 November 2008

  3. Hey – could I get the number of the balloon lady? Is she in Maadi?

    Comment by lynda | 18 November 2008

  4. Yes, she is all about Maadi, although I hear she also goes downtown, etc. Not sure of the etiquette of posting a phone number online. Ms. Four, can you please send me Lynda’s email address, or vice versa? You have mine… J

    Comment by J | 22 November 2008

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