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The brown clouds of Cairo (11/15)

The United Nations has issued a new report on pollution.

According to the New York Times, throughout Asia, southern Africa, and over Cairo,

a noxious cocktail of soot, smog and toxic chemicals is blotting out the sun, fouling the lungs of millions of people and altering weather patterns… .

The “plumes of carbon dust” are seen as brown clouds, which are

the byproduct of automobiles, slash-and-burn agriculture, wood-burning kitchen stoves and coal-fired power plants.

And Cairo is one of the top 13 “brown cloud hotspots.”

Folks, it looks and smells as gross as it sounds.


15 November 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt, sicknesses

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  1. That makes my bronchitis feel all warm and fuzzy. *hacking cough*

    Comment by Typ0 | 15 November 2008

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