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Bad luck in threes? (11/9)

My friend A invited me to a movie yesterday. I’ve yet to see a movie in Cairo, so this sounded like a great idea. As A and I walked into the theater, I told her about my past two disastrous attempts to see movies in Egypt.

Last year in October, we four tried to go to a movie only to find out that the whole mall was closed for iftar (it was Ramadan).

A few days later, Mr. Four and I tried again, but this time I made double sure to check by calling in advance. Despite my best plans, this other theater was also closed.

A assured me we would get to see the movie because she checked the web and called ahead to talk with someone. Indeed, at the theater, the friendly sales gal sold us tickets for Momma Mia. Then, as we perused the snack stand, she came back over to tell us Momma Mia was not, in fact, going to be playing, but only Hell Boy 2. That was not A’s first choice.

So, no movie.

A and I did have a nice visit. We had a snack at Chili’s and then cruised the 9LE store.

But, Cairenes, please tell me: what is the secret to watching a movie in the theater in Cairo?


9 November 2008 - Posted by | oops!, our life in egypt


  1. I don’t know the secret yet myself. BUT I’m keen to go to the theatres at City Stars that supposedly have reclined seating, and people who bring the snacks to you!

    Maybe its a location thing?

    Comment by Typ0 | 9 November 2008

  2. City Stars was one of our failed attempts, but that’s because the whole place (like, the entire ginormous building) closed during iftar. I suspect City Stars is more reliable otherwise.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 9 November 2008

  3. Haven’t even tried… but I have heard numerous horror stories – one friend here (and she speaks arabic) was so sick of the “I have no change” that she stood and waited while 20 people were served and at the end of each transaction she asked if there was NOW any change until the sales clerk finally coughed up — how to get yourself an easy tip.

    Another friend has warned me that going to the movies is seen as a social occasion – that people chat amongst themselves, make phone calls, read the paper, do their ironing (ok so perhaps I made that bit up)… As I am someone that likes absolute silence when I have paid my $16.50 – Cairo movie theatre is no place for moi.

    Comment by Lynda | 9 November 2008

  4. We go to City Stars. They have reliable times that movies start. Yallabina.com is a good source. Go to ‘movies playing’ and then it will list all the movies playing in Cairo and which theater. Bandar has let me down quite a few times as well. So I have quit going there. The really nice theater at City Stars is the “expensive” one and no kids under 12 allowed. But other people I know are annoyed by the waiter settling the bill during the movie, etc. The commoners cinema on the 5th floor is fine. 25le a ticket (although a couple times it was 20, don’t know why, maybe it was the time of day) Not too loud but I also have no problem giving someone the stink eye and telling them to can it! citystars.com.eg/citystars/ is the fount of most City Stars information. Except the movies are easier to find on yallabina. Ok, sorry for this long post. I really enjoy your posts!! Good Luck.

    Comment by Lydia | 9 November 2008

  5. sorry to post again, my blog is http://www.penrodpostings.blogspot.com

    Comment by Lydia | 9 November 2008

  6. Lynda, I have heard the same reports… lots of talking and chatting.

    Lydia, thanks for the scoop! But no kids under 12? Not even to kids’ movies? That is very good to know–I appreciate the warning.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 9 November 2008

  7. I can really really recommend Galaxy movie theater on Manial Island. Went there last week! Very clean, very nice, good sound system… Tickets are only 15 le in the morning! The movies are always mentionned on yallabina.com and we called in advance to be sure. Only English movies showing last week. I did not go at night yet but this morning show at 10.30 was great ( of course hardly anybody was there anyway on a Sunday morning:-)
    Might go and see 007 soon.

    Comment by Anne | 16 November 2008

  8. Anne, thanks! That’s a great suggestion. I could totally handle early morning movies as well. Better suits my life with kids.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 16 November 2008

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