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Election Day! (11/4)


If you’re an American 18 years or older, and you’re reading this blog on Tuesday, November 4, and you haven’t voted yet…

STOP READING! Get thee to a polling place and vote! Better yet, vote Obama! And if you are in California, vote no on Prop 8!

Now, done voting? Excellent. You may proceed with the rest of this post.

It’s Election Day! I’ve been twitchy for a week. I am so nervous about today!

I want a president I admire and respect. I want a president who looks a little bit like my kids. I want a president who’s good looking. (Okay, that part is optional.) And, I want a president who won’t make a mockery of American values in the rest of the world.

I want a country that will elect a person of color to be president.

So, for all of those reasons, and for many more, I sent it in my absentee ballot last month and cast my vote for Barack Obama. I’ve been following this election pretty closely, and today will be no exception. I’ve missed being in the US for this historic election season, especially since my state of residence is a swing state that may be leaning blue this year.

If McCain wins, I am going to hide in my house and admit no one but other Americans. It’d be too embarrassing to be out in public.

The polls close at 2am Wednesday, Cairo time. I’m considering going to bed and waking up very early, say around 4am. But it’s more likely I’ll be too nervous to go to sleep and will just stay up late… and will, I hope, get through the next day on sheer euphoria.


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  1. We’re staying up late with our eyes glued to CNN. Hubby says the soonest we’ll see results is around 1am but in the mean time we can watch polling station disasters and other election day conspiracies. I’m not sure many americans anywhere in teh world will be getting a lot of sleep tonight.

    Comment by Typ0 | 4 November 2008

  2. Hmm. He thinks 1am? I was thinking it’d be 2am because the US fell back this weekend, and we’re not seven hours ahead.

    Ugh, though, it’s going to be a late night, or very early morning, for all of us.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 4 November 2008

  3. I just wanted to let you know that you should be really proud of Asheville.. while we were in town we saw nothing but ‘Obama/Biden’ stickers and signs. Let’s just hope the country follows the same model! (as in SC and FL there sure were a lot of McCain/Palin stickers and signs). Ugh. How will we all sleep????

    Comment by Robyn | 4 November 2008

  4. Sorry to hear about hateful comments post-election. Hearing that makes me sad.

    Comment by Gump (gumpb on twitter) | 5 November 2008

  5. Congrats! Happy for you and your election. I think you have most of the world behind you on this, including a massive majority of voters in the Good Ol’ US of A.

    Comment by Geir | 5 November 2008

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