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Halloween, the aftermath (11/2)

Saturday morning the streets around my neighborhood were littered with broken eggs, empty egg cartons, and smashed tomatoes. Plus near our building there was a tall street light leaning quite precariously, with a stray power line draped over it. The eggs and fruit I get, the power line not so much.

We saw this as we walked around town on Saturday, to our old neighborhood, to visit some old friends. The boys and I were inspired by one of Giggle’s classmates, who had gathered up all her extra Halloween candy and was going to share it with some Egyptian kids who didn’t trick-or-treat. So we decided to do the same.

The boys chose five pieces of candy each, and the rest we put in a bag. When we arrived at our old neighborhood, we quickly found our old friends, the kids of a neighborhood bowab whom the boy used to play with when we’d go outside with Puppy Four. They were happy to see us, and quite thrilled with all the candy. (Egyptians love sweets too.)

Our visit was short, but it was great to see them. We really enjoy our new ground floor apartment, and our convenient location, but we do miss our old friends.


2 November 2008 - Posted by | bug, food, giggle, holidays


  1. What a generous thing for your kids to do. 🙂

    Comment by Typ0 | 2 November 2008

  2. So you think… but there’s more. Coming tomorrow.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 2 November 2008

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