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It’s been quite a Halloween here in Cairo. I suspect being overseas has we Americans overdoing a secular, kid-focused holiday like this one. Because who doesn’t love Halloween (aside from Giggle at the end of the evening after crashing from a sugar rush and staying up too late)?
Here’s Giggle, pre-crash, as his favorite super hero.

The kids had a total of four parties, one at each school, one at our club this morning, and then a big carnival tonight at Giggle’s school. You won’t be surprised to hear there was plenty of candy at each event.
bug as batman
Bug? Or Batman?

What was surprising, however, was our short walk at end of the party from Giggle’s school to our apartment. The sidewalks and streets were filled with young Cairenes. And, tons of police.

Last spring, during the failed national strike, I saw hundreds of police all gathered in downtown Cairo’s Tahrir Square. It was quite chilling.

The police out tonight weren’t in riot gear. And there weren’t that many. But they were conspicuous, lined up on sidewalks, shoulder to shoulder.

Our apartment building has security, but they’re usually pretty casual, sitting in an office next to our pedestrian gate. Tonight there were at least four of them standing outside the closed gates. They assured me there was no need to worry, but that it’d be noisy til at least 2am. Sure enough, at 11pm, it’s still quite loud.

Mr. Four and I briefly speculated about the extra police. Is there concern about threats against Americans? Or more of a general sense of keeping the peace when Egyptian teenagers are wandering the streets looking for candy? I suspect B.


31 October 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt


  1. The kids look adorable!

    Very weird about the police! I didnt’ realize that locals went around trick or treating. In our previous postings it was strictly an expat phenomenon. I wish i’d known! I love seeing people’s costumes.

    Comment by Typ0 | 1 November 2008

  2. Not all of them were in costumes! Some younger kids, but the teens were mostly out because they had an excuse to be out, I think.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 1 November 2008

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