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Looking left in London

London is so helpful. At crosswalks at busy intersections, a painted sign reads, ‘Look left’ ‘Look right.’ Of course that isn’t for Londoners, but we dumb tourists. But isn’t that terribly accommodating of them? Thank you, London. I wonder how many Americans got run over before they painted those signs.

I am having a great trip! I’m staying at a small hotel/large B&B, on the fourth floor, four flights up. That’s four sets of staircases up, since the hotel has no elevator. But the room is pefect, small but very comfortable. It only lacks a radio. So I haven’t been listening to the BBC, one of my favorite London activities. Otherwise, perfect.

Today was my day off. My work stuff here starts tomorrow and goes through Friday. Today, I shopped. I spent a good amount of time and money at the amazing, seven-story Hamley’s toy store. So much fun! Because I actually had a budget, I was able to buy some really fun stuff, guilt-free, for the boys for their birthdays and Christmas.

I also bought the boys some great clothes at H&M. Plus I managed to find a thing or two for myself.

And, I’m just about out of time at this internet cafe. So, more to come, but maybe not for a few days.

[Edited to add: One should not drink Guiness and blog.]


15 October 2008 - Posted by | tourism


  1. How a wonderful time and… “Mind the gap!”

    Comment by Dani | 16 October 2008

  2. It’s not just us Americans, but also the Continentals who also need a friendly reminder. Unfortunately, it is a VERY common accident for tourists to step out into the street and be hit by a bus. Literally.

    Russell witnessed such an accident once – horrible.

    Comment by Juju | 16 October 2008

  3. […] and played all day. Some of their best presents were the ones I got in London in October (on the most fun shopping day of my life). And the tape, of […]

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