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Birthday parties, Halloween, and other adventures

It’s the weekend for the Four Family. The kids have a pre-Halloween costume birthday party coming up this afternoon. We don’t have a lot of dress-up clothes around the house, and the boys are asking for superhero costumes, so I hope to have a creative burst soon. Either that or we’ll be at the local toy store, buying some cheapie pre-made costumes they’ll probably love and wear to pieces before Halloween even gets here.

Last Halloween they had fantastic train costumes made by the then-unemployed Mr. Four. This year the adults have less time and the kids have more opinions. A difficult mix but I’m sure we’ll persevere.

The next adventure coming up is my trip to London next week. It’s for a conference, and it’s work, but who cares! I was so excited for London last December, and I was not disappointed. I’m not quite so desperate for a change of scenery this time around, but who cares, it’s London!

I’ll be spending some time in seemingly-dull-but-actually-thrilling places like Boots the pharmacy. Plus I’ll pick up some colder weather clothes for the ever-growing Giggle (4T last summer; now comfortably in size 6-7 tops), probably at H&M. I’ll also be buying presents for the November-December-February series that goes birthday-birthday-Christmas-birthday for the Four Family. And all this while trying not to spend too much money.

Most importantly, though, each evening I’ll enjoy a draught Guinness (or two) and fish and chips with some of those mushy peas. Yum.

We also have some family travels coming up, maybe. I have a week off in early December for Eid el Adha, the Muslim Feast of Abraham. It’s too early to combine with Christmas, unfortunately, as that’d mean Giggle missing more than a week of school. So Bug and I are thinking of taking a week-long trip to Ethiopia, where Giggle doesn’t want to go anyway (too soon for him). However, this might mean we can’t afford a longer trip for the whole family over Christmas.

Should Bug and I go to Ethiopia for a week, or should we try to get the whole family somewhere for two weeks in late December and early January? The somewhere is unknown, but Europe is too expensive, the Middle East is too similar, and Kenya and Tanzania are too close not to go. Right? But can we afford them once we get there? Hmm.


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  1. We too are going round and round about where to spend the holidays. Next lifetime i want to be really, really rich so that i never have to worry about the words, “Way out of our budget” ever again. *sigh*

    Word of warning: Kenya is not as inexpensive as one might think (or hope). Especially around xmas which is considered high season for a lot of tour operators and hotels. Although with the recent downturn in tourism there you may be able to find a good deal. There are some great self-catering places in both Nairobi and Mombasa that can be budget-friendly.

    Have fun in London!! 🙂

    Comment by Typ0 | 10 October 2008

  2. How about Beirut? We’re looking at going there in Feb/Mar. Some friends are heading there for Christmas and are looking forward to a skiing holiday.

    Comment by Juju | 11 October 2008

  3. Typ0, yeah, I have been finding just that–it’s so expensive to travel there. Just like how Egypt is cheap, but not for tourists.

    Juju, Beirut is an interesting idea. People rave about it, don’t they? I have heard that Lebanese are pretty racists towards dark brown people, though… so I haven’t been jumping up and down to go there. But maybe I should re-consider.

    We have some big travel ideas brewing. Post to come…

    Comment by Ms. Four | 11 October 2008

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