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Now back in the US!


Thanks, all, for the very kind comments and thoughts you have sent my way. Tuesday morning we told the boys about the pup. Giggle’s first reaction: “Can we have a cat?” So he’s either already moved on or totally repressed. I will note that when I was 9 years old or so, and my parents told me they were separating, I asked, “Will our new house have a pool?”

Kids do have their priorities.

Bug hasn’t been talking about it much, which is unusual for him, especially since he was back on the oft-visited topic of pet death last weekend (so intuitive of him!).

The kids haven’t seen too much of my sadness, and I’m not sure they noticed my moping around, either. This has hit me harder than I would have thought. Euthanizing a pup really sucks. (Especially for the pup!)

On Tuesday night, post-euthanasia, as we walked home from soccer, a stray puppy caught Bug’s attention. “It’s Puppy Four!” he said. The dog did look like a small version of our pup, which isn’t unusual at all. What was strange was when this puppy wagged his tail and started following us. Usually strays aren’t so friendly in Cairo. He was limping with an injured back leg and his ribs were showing through his fur. We crossed the street and he barked at us and we kept going.

I can’t imagine walking on by a pup like this in the US, especially when I have full bag of puppy chow at home, but here there’d be no where for the dog to go except to our house. And I kept thinking, “rabies, rabies, rabies,” since there are a lot of rabid dogs around Cairo (though not so much in our neighborhood).

We don’t need any more pets right now, and we really don’t need another sick puppy. And, I will admit with some guilt, life is easier without Puppy Four. But it’s still all very sad. I miss him.

Today, I do feel a bit better, probably because last night I fell asleep when the kids did, sometime before 8pm, and slept soundly all night.

We have a busy weekend ahead, with a dress-up birthday party and soccer, and then I head off to London for work next week. Plus we’re planning fall and winter travels, and work is busy, in a mostly good way, right now. So here’s hoping for some distractions and a better outlook.


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  1. London! Now THAT is something to cheer up about.

    Comment by Karen | 9 October 2008

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