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Goodbye Puppy Four

We’re back from Dahab. It was a wonderful vacation. Both boys figured out snorkeling, and Giggle in particular loved it. He screamed about every fish he saw. Literally screamed. Bug also delighted in narrating all his fish sightings through his snorkel. Both boys saw Nemo, along with many members of his extended family. Every other fish, at least to Bug, was Dori.

We got home tonight right when Puppy Four arrived home in the Pet Taxi from the kennel. He was so thrilled to be home and pranced around the house in excitement. But he starting seizing about an hour or two later. Last week, before we left for Dahab, the vet and I had a long chat about the pup’s long-term prognosis. He suggested waiting a bit to see how the latest anti-seizure medicine worked, after doubling the dosage.

So, even amidst the breezes of Dahab, I’ve been mulling Puppy Four’s health. Then tonight, when he had the worst and longest seizure I’ve ever seen–or perhaps it was a series of seizures–I realized it was time.

I called the vet, and asked if he could make a house call. So he’s coming over tonight when his clinic hours are done.

The pup has finally settled down, which is good. The boys said good night to him, though we didn’t tell them what was happening. Right now I’m sitting in the boys’ room, waiting for them to fall asleep, and waiting for the vet to arrive.

We’ve lost a lot of pets over the past year. This one is particularly tough. All the others had long, full lives. But I suppose when I rescued a pet from near-death on the streets, I knew death might come sooner rather than later.

This will be tough for the boys as well, and especially Bug, who is particularly fond of the Pup and all our other pets. Just today he was asking about Iggy, our cat who died last fall here in Egypt, and the other cat whose pseudonym I can’t remember, the cat who disappeared in the spring.

Well, we did our best to help to him. He’s been a nice boy.


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  1. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. **hugs**

    Comment by Typ0 | 6 October 2008

  2. Ms Four,
    When I imagine you, I imagine you with dogs. Puppy Four was lucky to live his puppy days with you. Our old cat, who was 16, died a few weeks ago. For me, the passing of close pets is a meaningful and tough time. My heart is with you, even from afar.
    ps/am going back to NC (for this first time) on Wednesday.. you will be in my thoughts.. and a certain watertower that was well worth the walk!

    Comment by Robyn | 6 October 2008

  3. I’m sorry!

    Comment by Libby | 6 October 2008

  4. Poor puppy!!!! Poor you guys. 😦

    Comment by Alicia | 6 October 2008

  5. so sorry for this, hope he rest in peace.

    Comment by Bastawisi | 6 October 2008

  6. I’m very sorry. 😦

    Comment by Lenore | 6 October 2008

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this news. Hope it’s not too rough for the boys.

    Comment by Monica | 7 October 2008

  8. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Puppy Four was a beautiful dog.

    Comment by Kimberly | 7 October 2008

  9. How sad. Sending thoughts your way and hoping the kids are fine, too.

    Comment by Juju | 7 October 2008

  10. I am crying. Literally crying.

    Comment by Wendy | 7 October 2008

  11. i’m so so sorry. love to all the fours.

    Comment by Kristen | 7 October 2008

  12. Oh no! Hugs to y’all. You were a good puppy-mom, Joan.

    Comment by Karen | 7 October 2008

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