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Missing Cairo

Another answer to another question. Lenore wondered,

Is there anything that you missed about Cairo while you were on vacation?

Yes, definitely. I missed the obvious: our routine, our friends, Puppy Four. The boys were out-of-whack in the States, for as much fun as they had, and I missed stability most of all.

When we went to the mountains, I also really missed the ease of getting around Cairo. We don’t have a car here, and it’s only occasionally an inconvenience, whereas in the mountains, we had to drive everywhere. So I missed, I suppose, our more urban lifestyle.

I also missed delivery. I haven’t blogged about this much, but you can get almost anything delivered here. Definitely food from just about any restaurant (including McDelivery(!), though we’ve never used it), and also groceries from the market, vegetables from the veggie stand, and shampoo from the pharmacy. And your dry cleaning.

Tomorrow I’m going to order some more dog food from the pet shop. Isn’t that great? (Now if only we could get DVDs delivered.)

I also missed TV that is mostly commercial-free, though commercials aren’t so bad if you only see a few a year.

I also missed Ethiopian food made by our fantastic housekeeper.

I’ll blog more as I think of them.


26 September 2008 - Posted by | holidays, our life in egypt


  1. wow.. I think I would love being able to get everything delivered.

    Comment by Lenore | 26 September 2008

  2. I came across this website when I was doing research on moving to Cairo next year. Hopefully it will be of some help to you http://www.egdvd.com/ It sounds like Netflix in the US (if you saw that when you were here). Love your blog.

    Comment by Kristin | 27 September 2008

  3. We just started having our dry cleaning delivered. While Cairo does have it drawbacks, the ability to be exactly as lazy as you want is not one of them.

    I think that i’ll have my Big Mac delivery to coincide with my beer delivery. Then i’ll do the laundry by calling the dry cleaner. Uhoh! We’ve run out pop and water – i guess i had better have the local shop deliver some groceries.

    Yup, this town has a lot going for it! 🙂 LOL

    Comment by Typ0 | 27 September 2008

  4. Sounds like a sound and climate friendly way of doing things. Instead of hundreds of cars going to the Mall, a few cars drive around delivering. I think I’ll go for this solution, and instead spend my time doing some quality stuff.
    I feel like missing Cairo, too!! 😉

    Comment by Geir | 27 September 2008

  5. Geir, even better: the deliveries are usually guys on bikes or sometimes scooters.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 27 September 2008

  6. My 5yo asked if we were going anywhere for the ‘Eid holiday. I said no. We’re just going to hang around and be lazy. She said “GOOD! We had enough vacation already!” R&R was good this summer, but apparently enough is enough.

    Comment by connie | 29 September 2008

  7. really no words to say when i found an american that in live and admire egypt…feel free to see my blog and sebscribe thete and we may exchange links too :)..waiting for ur reply..see u..

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    Comment by salah | 29 September 2008

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