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Beyond the Horizon by Amma Darko

What a treat to stumble upon this lovely novella.

The story itself isn’t lovely, but involves a young and naive Ghanian woman whose husband abuses and exploits her. The novella begins at the story’s end, in Germany, with the protagonist reflecting on her transition from village girl to city wife to German prostitute. It offers insight into life in Ghana as well as the African immigrant experience in Europe.

Moreover, Beyond the Horizon is an incredibly compelling tale of a woman trapped first by naivety, and then by circumstances.

This book has me eager to read other works by author Amma Darko. If you are interested at all in African women fiction writers, I recommend it.

Note: a lot of students find their way to this blog entry because they have been assigned to read this blog. I am not going to help you do your assignment, nor am I going to sell you a paper. Please read the book (it’s short and very good) and do your own work.

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  1. That is one great book recommendation. I’ll go get it right away.

    Comment by Geir | 13 September 2008

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  3. thanks for the author suggestion. Please keep writing about any african authors you find while in egypt since in the US they aren’t as talked about.

    Comment by Sarah Ryan | 29 September 2008

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  5. Hi, im having a problem with Amma Darko novel Beyond the Horizon. I have an exam paper to write an unfortunatly i dont have the book. is there essay papers you might have written that i could look at as i compare?


    Comment by LIBAN | 10 April 2009

  6. LIBAN, you need to read the book since that is your assignment (it is short and very good), and I am not going to help you cheat.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 15 April 2009

  7. not read this but have read ‘faceless’, which was equally inspiring…

    Comment by Nana Fredua-Agyeman | 22 June 2009

  8. I loved both Beyond the horizon (and Faceless). Darko is a good writer. There are many other excellent women writers in Africa. I am sure you know them. I loved Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous condition and The book of not.
    Also of course, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    Africa has so many fabulous writers, male and female. Great to know that others out there are reading them too.

    Comment by fatou | 27 July 2009


    Comment by olivia menkah | 18 September 2009

  10. Olivia, you need to do your own work! I’m sure that was why the book was assigned to you.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 20 September 2009

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