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Met my match

This puppy is as accident-prone as I am.

He’s about on par with the Old Hound for vet visits. I recall taking the Old Hound for emergency midnight vet visits to the city about 90 minutes away at least three times. Once, for swelling after his neutering (“I thought they removed a dog’s testicles when he got fixed,” a neighbor commented as we observed some substantial swelling); once, for major swelling following a copperhead bite; and once, for en emergency jaw examination and tooth removal after, we think, a fight with either another dog or a big car.

And that’s just the midnight visits. We had plenty of daytime visits, as well as a series of appointments with the vet oncologist. Plus one time we lost the Old Hound for an entire month after a long romp in the woods. I couldn’t believe it when we got the call from someone who found him, skinny and hungry, but fine all-in-all.

At least here such doggie care is much cheaper. Yesterday’s round cost 130LE to the vet (including an xray), 40LE to the taxi driver, and 35LE in medicine, so about $41 total. In the US, this would likely have been a $200 injury.

This latest debacle involved a car and Puppy Four’s paw. Giggle, the pup, and I were walking down a road, with the pup on a leash, in the narrow space in between the parked cars and the roadway. Somehow, the pup’s foot ended up under a car’s tire, and the car then stopped, and, perhaps responding to my screams, backed up.

Puppy Four freaked out (who wouldn’t, with a car on this foot) and darted all around the round. So of course I ran after him. He finally let me catch him. Much to their credit, a few folks (American and Egyptian) stopped to make sure we were okay–but notably, not the driver of the car. Luckily, there were not further injuries. Mr. Four continued on to soccer practice, and I carried the now-heavy puppy back to our house, where he hobbled into the back room to hide and rest.

Also luckily, he didn’t have any fractures. Now he’s on yet another pharmaceutical cocktail, including a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, and antiobiotics. He’s resting and limping around the house.

A few weeks ago, following an episode in which I ran with the pup while wearing flip flops and ended up crashing to the ground and smashing my elbow into the pavement, Mr. Four commented that I was a klutz. (Approximately two seconds later, he denied saying such a thing.)

In any case, it’s no secret that whilst in a whitewater kayak I could manage some grace, on land I am a wreck.

It seems Puppy Four is much the same.


11 September 2008 - Posted by | pets


  1. but how well does he handle a kayak????

    Comment by paige | 11 September 2008

  2. Two weeks later, Paige, and you are still making me laugh. Truth is, the pup is probably about as competent in a kayak as I am these days.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 25 September 2008

  3. […] few weeks ago I mentioned that a car hit Puppy Four, who ended up with some ugly abrasions on a paw. I later mentioned that he was having seizures […]

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