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Harassment in Egypt

The BBC is featuring several Egyptian women talking about the harassment they experience in Egypt.

(Hat tip to Whazzup Egypt.)

A few quotes from these women, some of whom are covered:

I get harassed every day, although I am always carrying my baby. I thought being a mother would make me immune to harassment, but it made it even worse.

I get harassed 100 times a day. I tried everything to stop it but it doesn’t stop. I wear loose clothes, I don’t wear make up, I spend more than an hour in front of the mirror everyday thinking of ways to hide my body.

I get harassed everyday, during the five minutes I walk from my house to the main street to take the school bus.

I get harassed whenever I walk down the street; even during the seconds I cross the street to take my car.

Mother, daughter, old, young, covered, uncovered. It matters not.


6 September 2008 - Posted by | in the news


  1. This problem will only be solved once ‘women’ start to educate their sons… all of this is ‘learnt’ behaviour. I have lived in other Islamic countries where this does not happen – Egypt is quite unpleasant for young girls. Quite happy that I am a bit older and get left alone most of the time.

    Comment by lynda | 7 September 2008

  2. I can’t wait until i speak enough Arabic so that i can not only understand what is being said to but so i can turn around and tell them off. I must echo Lynda in saying that i have not had this problem in other Islamic countries i have visited.

    Comment by Typ0 | 7 September 2008

  3. TypO, a friend of mine, also an American expat but who is fluent in Arabic, says sometimes it’s better not to know!

    I don’t think this is Islam. This is Egypt.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 8 September 2008

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