We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Know any doggie mentors?

Puppy Four seems mostly healed. His vision is much improved, and he seems to have regained much of his energy.

But he’s still a puzzling little dog. He spent at least a couple of months with his parents and his litter mates, but it’s like he doesn’t know how to be a dog. He never lifts his leg to pee. He never barks. He hardly plays. He never notices other dogs. And he takes no notice of cats! He’s rather oblivious.

Could this be some of kind of Cairene dog survival strategy? A live-and-let-live sorts of approach to inter- and intraspecies relations?

He’s also the mellowest pup ever. Often, when I take him for a walk in the garden, he wanders a bit and then plops down on the grass.

But Puppy Four and I had a lot of quality time together this weekend. The more he’s with us, the more dog-like he becomes (which he’s learning from us, apparently?), and the more he wags his tail when he greets me. Tonight, I got my first face kisses–and no peanut butter was required!


25 August 2008 - Posted by | pets

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