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Still life with dog

Puppy Four is on the mend. His official diagnosis: a nasty bump on the head caused a concussion that gave him seizures and blinded him, at least temporarily. He’s still on a pharmaceutical cocktail that includes six pills and 3 servings of liquid medicine each day. Luckily he gobbles this all up in his regular food. He’s also regained some vision, which is great, and he’s well enough to play with the kids again, which is making us all much happier.

He’s still a pretty mellow pup, but then again, he’s pretty much on sedatives. So I suspect his energy levels will rebound when he’s off the meds.

Our new apartment is making life-with-dog much easier, because of our two patios and easy access to the outside. (And of course the boys love riding their bikes out the front door and onto the sidewalks of our small complex.)

I’ve been super jet lagged, in part because Bug has been jet lagged. But he’s slept through the night the past two nights, with only some midnight stirrings, so that’s promising for me. In any case, I hope to update you all more once I find myself awake more during the day than the night.


7 August 2008 - Posted by | pets

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