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Lessons, Part 1 of One Million

Don’t bother with the stroller, at least not when the parent-to-kid ratio is 1:2. With a luggage cart brimming with bags, and two little boys, I never could have managed the stroller as well. (I didn’t take it.) The Ergo carrier was great, even for my 35-pounder. We only used it a few times, but it was essential during a few airport dashes at nap time.

The hardest part of the entire trip is getting from the car to check-in desk. Life is easier once you have boarding passes and no luggage and you can pay attention to your children.

On the plane, talk to the people sitting in front of your kids: “Please let me know if my kids kick the seats or are bothering you in any way!” Then you are their ally rather than their enemy.

On the plane, be extra friendly with the flight attendants before they even have a chance to not be friendly to you. “We’re here! My two tired kids and just me!” (Optional.)

Then, when the flight attendant walks by and your kids are behaving, comment on your “angels.” (Optional.)

To be continued…

7 August 2008 - Posted by | transportation


  1. I learned a handy trip on a recent flight! A woman who was sitting next to me (without children) heard a toddler squawk two rows behind us. Squawk loudly. She whipped out a bag of pretzels and offered the toddler some. Squawking ceased for over an hour. Apparently she makes sure to have a child-friendly treat to share on long flights. I see serious sketchiness potential, but I think I may try this anyway the next time I fly cross-country.

    Comment by Karen | 8 August 2008

  2. Karen, that is a great idea. On one flight, we were helped out by a very friendly Geico salesman who had two wind-up flashlights. Instantly eased Giggle’s pain of not sitting at the window seat.

    I know I try to help distract unhappy kids on planes… but there are many more people in the world not like us.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 8 August 2008

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