We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

Sleepless in Cairo

Folks, it’s great to be back. Much to my surprise.

I’m terribly jet lagged (and so is Bug, so just when I think I’m about to catch up on sleep, he wakes me in the middle of the night), which means I have a few minutes here at 3am to blog while Bug dances around his new room, tossing stuffed animals and dumping toys everywhere (which is the part where I’m too sleepy stop him).

Our new apartment is great: since we’re on the ground floor, the boys can ride their bikes right out the front door into a protected, walled area of our complex. No cars, no strangers, just other families and plenty of sidewalks. There’s even a guard at the front gate to shoo them away from leaving our building (which I don’t think they’ve even tried).

We’re only about 10-15 minutes away from our old place, but the location seems so much better: we’re closer to both boys’ schools, closer to our swim club, and just as close to a good grocery store.

Inside the apartment, I love having a master suite again, with a separate bathroom just for the boys. The third bedroom is big enough to be a real guest room, and an office, and ironing central. The kitchen is the same size, but with a much better layout. And we have a big living/dining room with glass walls overlooking our front patio.

A friend tonight said she thinks our whole life here will feel different, and I suspect she’s right. The boys have been on their bikes more in the past few days than they were the entire spring.

Indeed, the boys are really happy here. They are back to their normal selves, a huge relief after a stressful summer. Even in a new house, in a new building, they seem to know we’re home.

All is not well, though. Puppy Four is blind. I’m hoping it’s temporary, perhaps caused by some swelling from a big bump on his head. The vet isn’t sure what’s causing the pup’s various symptoms, including the blindness but he’s got the pup on a cocktail of drugs that mostly knock him out and seem to make him feel better. He was a real mess on Wednesday when Mr. Four first took him to the vet. By Thursday, when I saw him, he was already mostly normal. We go back to the vet next Wednesday.

I’ve been taking him for short walks in our complex. He seems too tired for anything longer. But he seems even sweeter than before. I discovered that he loves to have the hose water poured all over his back. It’s very cute.


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  1. Wow! I can’t belive you’re back already; what happened to the summer?! Seems like you’re happy to be back though, so that’s nice. When do you go back to work? Sounds like you guys are settling into your new place – I can’t wait to see it (without having to lean over the outside wall trying to get a glace of the living room, this time).

    I feel like we just started our US adventure. We’ve done a lot of the shopping already, although I still have to get some more clothes for the boys, and the secret presents of course. We’re having a great time!

    Please let us know more about how things are in Maadi! When away like this, I always expect things to be very different ‘back home’ (although usually it turns out not much has changed once I get back).

    Comment by Jenni | 3 August 2008

  2. awww, puppy four, i hope he’s okay. and i’m glad you are glad to be back. i love that i can imagine you all in your new apartment because i have seen it! hugs to all the fours!

    Comment by kristen | 3 August 2008

  3. Jenni, I promise you this: you are missing nothing! When we first got back last week, the few folks who had been here for the summer seemed desperate for someone, anyone, to talk to. One mom had swimming pool fatigue from spending hours every day at the club. Anyway, have fun with all that shopping!

    Kristen, thanks for your comment. The new apartment is much barer than when we all saw it. It’s been working out even better than we hoped. Have a great semester!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 7 August 2008

  4. Finally catching up on your blog after our vacation. So sorry you missed Seattle (and we missed having you out here!). I hope you can come next summer if they offer the same conference. Glad you’re home…and hopefully you’re getting some solid night sleep now. If it’s any consolation, I haven’t slept through the night in almost a year (with two babies under 2!). Misery loves company, right?!

    Comment by Sarah | 15 August 2008

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