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My new swimsuit

I’m officially old and dowdy. I mean, I was before, but today I have my new skirted navy blue Lands End swimsuit. What could be dowdier than that? And I actually kinda like it (well, the part where it covers my upper thighs, that I like).

I’ve been feeling like a real blah suburban mom this summer. I don’t feel that way so much in Cairo — probably because I’m around other moms or older ladies most of the time — but being in the US, especially with my fit, outdoorsy friends and/or my single, fit friends, has me missing my formerly (more) fit self. I think I used to be more stylish too, at least in an outdoorsy way (this would be back when I worked at an outdoor recreation company, so no shocker there).

I’ll probably feel better about my suit when I get back to the land of American women in skirted suits, in Cairo. And when I have less free time.

29 July 2008 - Posted by | our life in egypt, shopping

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