We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

And we’re off

The boys and I are leaving on Wednesday to go back to Cairo. (We’ve had a schedule change.) I’m dreading the plane ride, and the heat, but I am eager to get back to our regular routine, in our new apartment.

It’s been a rough summer for Giggle especially; he has regressed to some behaviors we saw in the first few months post-adoption but otherwise not since. Both boys have been great on our vacations around Egypt, and Giggle is usually fun and easy when running errands around Cairo.

But of course this trip to the US has been much longer and more disruptive and has not included spending every day jumping into a swimming pool, which is pretty much what all of our Egypt vacations have included and what the boys do most warm days in Cairo.

The boys are also much easier to manage when they are not together. Their synergy is powerful, which is probably good for their brother bonding, but can make a trip to Target absolutely exhausting.

Giggle is a very sensitive and very intense kid, which means he’ll make a super artist or political campaigner or something someday… but for now can be very challenging. (I won’t elaborate.)

Bug has grown a bit more defiant this summer, and I hope that settles out once we settle down.

I’m also concerned about Puppy Four. He came home from the kennel on Sunday, but Mr. Four emailed me that the pup has been having seizures, so they were going to the vet. This coincided with our scheduled apartment move, so I suspect Mr. Four is pretty overwhelmed right now. (I’ll probably get an update on the vet visit tomorrow morning and will update the blog if I have the time.)

We leave for the airport in about twelve hours as I write this. My current regrets: I should have drank more micro brews. And eaten more Mexican food. And packed more of my favorite cereal. And anticipated some of the difficulties we’d have with the kids.

I’m not quite ready to leave, but I guess I’m ready to be home.


29 July 2008 - Posted by | bug, giggle, holidays, our life in egypt

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