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The joys of visiting grandmother

My mom recently told me that when I was a little girl and staying with my grandparents, I’d always tell my grandmother I wanted to change into my nightgown sometime in the early afternoon. Finally, she and my mom figured out it was because I wanted to put my dirty clothes down the laundry chute.

You see, my grandmother’s house had a laundry chute that went from the second floor to the basement, where a laundry basket awaited. There was even a door in the wall in the kitchen, on the main floor, for kitchen towels, I suppose. I loved that chute.

Today, my mom’s house is what used to be my grandmother’s. And my kids adore the laundry chute as much as I did.

Earlier today, Bug insisted his shirt was dirty at about 2pm (it had a stain, but nothing we couldn’t deal with until bedtime). In about two seconds, he was naked and his clothes were pummeling down the chute. It was only a stern warning that kept my clean clothes from following.

Now the boys are running and biking, mostly naked, through the hose, in the rain. Ah, summer.

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  1. We had a laundry chute as well that we loved… until the day my younger brother (then 6 or 7) decided to to put my youngest brother (2 or 3) in it because he touched his drum set. Dad demanded the door be sealed until my youngest brother could not fit through the hatch 🙂

    Comment by mylucidkarma | 28 July 2008

  2. Is there any chance that the boys themselves will go down the chute? It seems very tempting…

    (Say hi to your mom for me!)

    Comment by Monica | 28 July 2008

  3. My parents’ house has one of those! I still get a little thrill from throwing things down it.

    Comment by Alicia | 28 July 2008

  4. The boys could not fit down the chute. I looked carefully. I did think a baby could fit. I suspect these things wouldn’t pass code in some places nowadays. Maybe that’s why they are so thrilling.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 28 July 2008

  5. When I was growing up a friend had such a chute in her house. I thought it was so cool. My house just had plain, old boring stairs leading down to the laundry room — and we had to carry the laundry ourselves.

    Have your boys been sending toys tumbling down the chute, too?

    Comment by Leslie | 28 July 2008

  6. We had one at my SIL’s where we were staying in the US. Lyra was thrilled the morning that we stripped the beds and she could send all the sheets and towels down the shoot. She watched everyone head down 2 floors to the basement. She said, “It goes whooosh and sends air into my face.”

    Comment by Juju | 30 July 2008

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