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Travels abroad at home… and some news from Egypt

We’ve left the mountains, after lots of river trips and woods exploration and visits from family. It was really hectic but somehow also relaxing, sorta.

Now Mr. Four is back in Cairo. His first day back to work was today, Sunday (remember the work week there is Sunday to Thursday). He was working on only a few hours of sleep, unfortunately.

Our new apartment isn’t quite ready, so he’s staying in our old place with lots of boxes. Our new place should be ready later this week, which means he and our housekeeper should have it pretty close to unpacked by the time the boys and I arrive (and I’m sure I won’t like where they put everything, but, really, I’m so spoiled I’m not going to complain).

The boys and I are now at my mom’s place in the northeast. The weather is lovely: sunny, warm, and nothing close to hot. She has a small but lovely yard with plenty of grass for baseball games and a driveway big enough for the boys to race their tricycle (Bug’s, left over from last summer when we moved to Egypt but didn’t want to pack it) and scooter (for Giggle’s use, a vintage metal safety-nightmare of a toy).

We’re also visiting with our old pup, Ms. Muddy Paws, one of the two surviving animals of what, 13 months ago, was a pack of three dogs and two cats. I still think of her as my dog.

There’s lots to do around town, so we’ll be busy. Tomorrow, the excellent local public library. Later in the week, a children’s farm and museum (that’s two places).

And guess what else? My mom has wireless! And I have the laptop! (Which means Mr. Four won’t be online much for the next few weeks.)

I’m too beat from our travels today to blog extensively tonight (though I will report that the flights went mostly okay, and way better than our flights from Egypt, perhaps because we were in the air a total of about three hours; the new Leapster also helped), but I’ll be online more often, at least for this next week.

In another week I go to Seattle! Giggle is already pretty upset about this notion of me leaving, but he seemed to cool off about the issue as we settled in to my mom’s place. It’s very comfortable here.

I have found it interesting that my mother, in my childhood the enemy of marshmallow fluff and Fruit Loops, which we only had when my mom was out of town, happily bought my kids cookies, sugary popsicles, and jello. Though I guess that’s what happens when a mom becomes a grandmother.

On another note, I wanted to share a recent news story about harassment in Egypt, which reported the following:

Almost half of Egyptian women are sexually harassed on a daily basis with more than half of Egyptian men admitting lewd behaviour, the Egyptian Centre for Women’s Rights said on Thursday.

The group polled 2,020 people — including men and foreign women — in Cairo, and the centre’s director, Nihad Abul Qomsan, said that the figures showed harassment was on the rise.

Of those surveyed, 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women said they had been harassed at some point, while 46 percent of Egyptian women and 52 percent of foreign women said they were harassed daily.

I certainly don’t experience harassment daily, at least not that I recognize, and I suspect my ipod headphones and sunglasses cut me off from the world enough to help, but harassment is a real problem in Egypt, and I’m glad to see some statistics showing just how pervasive it is.


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