We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

In the mountains

And in the middle of the woods. It’s super relaxing. We got in last night, and Mr. Four and the boys already went for a long woodsy walk. We’ve checked out a lot of bugs. We’ve chalked the driveway and painted there as well (Bug has been asking to paint for a week). And we’ve had a regular visitor: our neighbors’ dog, who still misses the dogs we had when we lived here years ago.

I also went for a long walk up a big hill this morning, much to my heart’s content (it needs the exercise) and my legs’ horror (they apparently think they do not).

We don’t have internet access at our house, so I’m at the local public library, on their free wireless. Hurray for public libraries! But what I don’t have right now is much time, as Mr. Four is waiting outside. He was going to bring the boys to the playground in town, but they feel asleep in the car. So this is just a quick entry to say we’re here and all is well.

Tomorrow we’ll celebrate the 4th of July and I think this weekend we’ll go to a festival at the grounds of a nearby Native American tribe. Fun fun. Happy 4th!


3 July 2008 - Posted by | holidays


  1. Happy 4th of July! Jenni

    Comment by Jennifer | 4 July 2008

  2. Glad you made it. We’re in Winston – let us know if you want to meet up. I’d love to meet you and Giggle and Bug and Mr. Four IRL. Take care!

    Comment by Wendy | 7 July 2008

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