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Folks, I found a suit(ish outfit). My wonderful sister also sent me a few jackets and a pair of pants. All fit, and one combo in particular looks good and should work really well for my fall meeting in London.

But, let me share the story of my shopping trip. Last week, before Mr. Four arrived, I didn’t try to do any major shopping for me because my boys just wouldn’t have it. Which I understand. Though I will note they were perfectly happy to shop for themselves. Ahem.

Anyway, on Saturday, with Mr. Four at home to watch our little angels, I dashed off to the mall in the next town over. It’s a huge place, but I was focused: I wanted a suit. Almost first stop: Ann Taylor, which seemed pricey a few years ago when I first went suit shopping, but, with a great summer sale and 50% off many suit pieces, it was a great choice. I found one super jacket and one fantastic pair of pants. But of course they didn’t match each other, and I couldn’t find anything great that matched either one.

So, I went for a coordinating, rather than a matching, suit: a short-sleeved big-buttoned grey-black patterned jacket with a scoop neck (anyone who is seeing suit fashion in the US this summer would undoubtedly recognize this style) and basic fitted black suit pants. The saleswomen at Ann Taylor were at pains to tell me that I could always find a black jacket in the same materials as the pants, as they stock that suiting material year-round.

All was good, except that since Ann Taylor was my first stop, I put the clothes on hold and proceeded to try on just about every other suit in the entire mall. I was surprised to find that J. Crew suits, maybe because they were summer weight, unlined material, felt like much poorer quality. And so did everything else. (And when did this become a shopping blog? Hmm.)

My last stop, before paying for my suit at Ann Taylor, was the Gap, where I quickly found a cute pair of capris, a good-fitting pair of jeans, and a nice top.

So, the moral of my shopping day was this: go to Ann Taylor and the Gap and skip everything else.

I’ve also perhaps solved my shoe dilemma. With some help from some friends, I found online a cute pair of Mary Jane-style heels that are reputed to be as comfy as heels can be. I ordered them (on sale!) and will try on the entire outfit when they arrive. I am prepared to be dazzled! Okay, not really, but I am cautiously optimistic.

I’ve also fully updated other (ahem) undergarment essentials and bought a few nice tops. And almost all with the boys in tow. It’s good we’re heading to the mountains soon because I should probably take a break from my crazy week of shopping.

1 July 2008 - Posted by | shopping

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