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To candy or not to candy

Mr. Four thinks I shouldn’t bring candy on the plane, because once it’s out the boys are going to want it constantly and will go crazy if they can’t have it.

I’m inclined to bring it, something that’s long-lasting like hard candy, and let them overindulge.


20 June 2008 - Posted by | bug, getting there, giggle, transportation


  1. Yes! Yes! and Yes!! I think normal rules go out the window on an airplane, especially when the kids outnumber the parents!

    Comment by cindy | 20 June 2008

  2. Hard candy is great on long flights. Plus it helps you pop your ears after take-off and landing. Not just a yummy treat but useful too!! 🙂 🙂

    Comment by Typ0 | 20 June 2008

  3. Yes, you’re both so righ! We obviously NEED it!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 20 June 2008

  4. Very modest amounts of hard candy are ok for altitude discomfort as noted above but remember that many adults (your mother included) do not relish the idea of being in a confined space for a long trip with children on sugar highs.

    Comment by mom | 20 June 2008

  5. Good thing you won’t be on the plane then, eh, Mom? 🙂 Actually, I do hear you on this. I think the candy will actually make the trip more pleasant for our cabin mates, as I will use it judiciously.

    So I did buy some candy, but it’s pretty modest. I have a few lollipops for take offs and landings, or for other times as needed. I bought a pack of hard candies (Mentos fruit flavored) for emergencies. I also got some weird strawberry-flavored chew stick that should occupy them for a while. Plus I know that most airlines overfeed on international fights, so we should be set for food.

    Comment by Ms. Four | 20 June 2008

  6. I think you said that each small person will have his own bag? If so, pack a little all-access candy in those bags, but keep some put away in case you need it. I’ve found that the promise of a glow stick, or glow necklace is also worth A LOT! Not sure if you can find those easily, but just the thought that they might be lurking in my bag, waiting to be played with bought us a lot of cooperation on Elliott’s part. If not glowsticks, maybe you know of something with similar power?

    Comment by Paige | 20 June 2008

  7. I used candy as an if-all-else-fails distraction technique but that was about it. And had it in multiple small individual packages (eg 2-3 pieces) instead of a big bag…. so the total quantity of candy was never revealed. 🙂 I’m not above trickery, obviously. If they are old enough to have gum then that works too… sugar free but still provides entertainment and ear-popping.

    Comment by June | 20 June 2008

  8. Great advice everyone! Thank you!

    Comment by Ms. Four | 20 June 2008

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