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Now back in the US!

More mundane details of my boring life

I’m almost packed. Most of the boys’ clothes are packed, and most of my clothes are packed. We’ll add in a few things from tomorrow’s wash. We’re bringing way too many shoes, as per usual. But packing is easy when you’re overpacking!

I packed both car seats for the boys. I realized that otherwise we’d end up paying at least $150 to rent seats when we have two perfectly good ones we can bring over for free.

Last summer I ordered car seat bags from One Step Ahead, to protect the seats and make them easier to carry. The seats made the trip last summer, but barely. One of the canvas bags has large tears in the front panel. I’ll duct tape it up for our trip back home, but here’s your caveat emptor: don’t buy car seat bags from One Step Ahead, which should definitely be able to last at least one international trip. I wish I could find consumer’s revenge more satisfying… but really I’d rather have functioning bags.

The boys, especially Giggle, are bouncing off the walls. “Two days, Mommy? Two days to America?”

On top of all this is our confusing move to a new flat. The boys are trying to figure out how we’re going to America, and moving to a new house which they’ve visited twice, and coming back to Egypt, and spending time with grandparents. Bug keeps asking who is coming to the new house. “Is Puppy Four coming? Is my nanny coming?” It’s a lot of change in just a few months. But all good, I think.

They both had their last day of preschool today. Giggle told me today he’s proud of himself for finishing up preschool and being ready for kindergarten, also known as “the big school.” I’m proud of him too.

So we’ll be hanging out with friends in just a few days from now. Mr. Four still has another week in Egypt, including my birthday, which is a bummer. However, my dad is coming to town to spend a couple of days with the boys and me, which will be great fun, and the first time he and Giggle have met. I explained to the boys the other day that we get our ice cream-loving legacy from this man. They were duly impressed.

I’ve also been overwhelmed by my very generous friends and family, who are offering up all sorts of inconvenient scenarios to help us out and make sure they see us.

And, wow, blogging is sure a great way to procrastinate.


19 June 2008 - Posted by | bug, giggle, holidays

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