We Four in Egypt

Now back in the US!

No more JFK anxiety

My very smart mother informed me that the boys and I will be arriving into and departing from the very same terminal at JFK. How on earth did she discover this? She looked at my itinerary. Go figure.

Last night I gathered up most of the clothes for the boys for this summer. I know we’ll be buying things there, and I didn’t want to overpack, but I also don’t want to be stuck doing laundry every few days either. I’ve also heard from a few friends and colleagues that it’s easy to spend way too much money in a few short weeks on home leave. Expats often go on summer spending sprees, so expat kids get the sense that the US is all about shopping. While this is true for many Americans, I don’t want my boys to think this. Giggle already loves shopping too much. And me too.

Giggle kid is growing so fast though — last summer he was a perfect 4T, swimming in 5T. Now his 5T pants are almost too short, and I’m thinking I need to buy ahead in size 6 and (gulp) size 7 to get him through the next year. Bug is growing out of some of his 3T things, but at least he has some hand-me-downs from Giggle (which he likes, because he’s seen his brother wearing this stuff, which apparently makes it cooler).

Clothes are going from Giggle to Bug so quickly that I’m the only one in the house who seems to know who fits into what. To his credit, Mr. Four did convince the boys that growing is fun, and so they are much better about letting go emotionally of favorite clothes that no longer fit. Bug likes to talk about how we’ll give their old clothes to other kids who need them (usually the neighborhood bowab’s kids or to our nanny for a refugee friend with a small boy).

The fact that we’re about to box up everything and move makes it easier to purge. For me too. I’ve passed to the housekeeper and her roommate some clothes of mine that just don’t (ahem) fit like they used to.

Today I’m also packing up my office at work, as it’ll be in a different place when I get back in August. So I best get to that.

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  1. Hello, Ms. Four, you might recognize my username from the CHSFS forum… I’m mom to B, home at age 3 in 2006. I’ve been following and enjoying your blog.

    Some unsolicited advice on shopping for Giggle and Bug: Our B has grown 14 inches in the last two years, and the transition from the toddler sizes to the little boy sizes made shopping more challenging. Some of the boys’ styles are a bit obnoxious. T-shirts that read “Too Cool for School,” for example. Huh??? Anyhow, I’ve had good luck finding affordable basics at Target. Land’s End makes nice jeans and climbing-style shorts and pants, but they’re more of an investment.

    I’m currently reading What is the What. It’s a wonderful book, but such a troubling story. Many passages in the book make me think of adoption; in particular, a passage about naming, which I’d cite if the book were with me, but I’m at work.

    Good luck packing. I dread packing, so I use a crazy method where I drink a glass of wine and walk around each room of the house asking “Do I need to pack anything in this dresser/cabinet/etc.?” This method generally leads to overpacking, but I don’t forget things.

    Comment by Kim | 18 June 2008

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