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Room with a view? Deluxe a/c?

Puppy Four has a vacation coming up. Or at least that’s what the boys think. Poor guy is going to a kennel for about a month while we’re out of town. Isn’t that terrible? But with the move happening while we’re away, I just don’t know what else to do. He’s staying at the nicer kennel in the area, and he does get at least three or four walks a day, so I hope it won’t be too awful for him. Actually, with three walks a day, he should be fine… right?

But, I have a choice to make. Should Puppy Four stay in the indoor air conditioned kennel? Or in an outdoor kennel “with an outside run overlooking the garden”? The outdoor kennel sounds hot to me, but it’s also 10LE (about $1.75) more a day, so I guess it’s nicer. So, readers, where would you rather stay?

Speaking of Puppy Four… he and the boys have been playing together a lot lately. It’s really funny to watch. The boys will try to get the pup to chase them, and then they dash to the couch and jump up as if they’re escaping some vicious beast. And then the puppy runs into the kitchen to see if any food has been added to his dish in the last minute or so. Then he comes out, and the boys will try to get him to chase them, and so on.

Bug is sometimes a bit intimidated by it all, because he initiates rough play and then can’t quite handle it.

But Giggle really loves the game. He told me tonight that the puppy is really funny. And they both love to feed him. Sometimes they dump about four cups of dog food and a pint of milk into his bowl.

The puppy’s favorite chew toy continues to be my arm. He loves to gnaw on me. And pull on my clothes. So he’s fitting right in.

16 June 2008 - Posted by | holidays, pets

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